What is LeadAnew?

LeadAnew is an approach to help leaders and organizations develop themselves in the changing context of the business world. The dynamism, complexities and rapidly expanding new areas of digital and cognitive technologies, demand a  very focused and a deeper understanding to self, other and team development for leading successful strategic initiatives.

LeadAnew approach harnesses elements from- coaching, leadership concepts, cognitive science, future trends and business cases- to create a unique framework to enhance human skills and expertise. We aim to create a leadership state leading to connected and engaged teams where everyone can be an innovator and a collaborator.

Engagement Outcomes

The idea is to accomplish a Collaborative, Functional Leadership and Team Culture, as everything else within an organization begins here.

Relevant Leadership Culture


Collaborative, Networked Team Culture


High Performance Culture

No great leader is born, and no great leadership team is magically created,
they are all a result of relentless soulful and strategic effort.
- Vince Lombardi

Meet the Founder

Shivani is a vibrant business leader transformed into a coach and a leadership development storyteller by her intense curiosity towards people behavior. Her intelligent, reflective and empathetic self, enables her to strike a deep people connect. She vows that understanding ‘whys’ of people behavior leads to massive unbundling of human potential.

She is recognized for her role of transforming leadership dynamics and improving personal effectiveness for excellence in execution. She has over 16 years of experience in varied roles as a sales & leadership development consultant, a banker, a lawyer and a sociologist. Due to her global work, education and living across India, UK and Europe, Shivani brings along multitudinous, cross-cultural perspective.    

Shivani is a certified Intelligent Leadership coach by World's Top Coach- John Mattone, an NLP Coach & Practitioner, an MBA from Leeds, UK, an LLB and a BA in Sociology (Miranda House) from Delhi University, India. She is an avid reader, a prolific writer and a well-researched professional in areas of people behavior. She actively participates in discussion forums & seminars around Leadership and its challenges in VUCA world. 

Shivani Singh

Her development philosophy rests on her belief that:

“The same life principles that enabled simpler life forms to push through diversely limiting situations and evolve into complex human forms of today, make us all- limitless in our capabilities to push our boundaries.”

Following above, Shivani has made it her passion and purpose to encourage individuals to: “own the person within to become the leader they must become”. 

She is on a mission to help people, teams and organizations to develop into their best capable selves and successfully cut through the changing contexts to lead themselves and their organizations into future.    

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We can collaborate as your leadership development and organizational mindset change partner to create high-impact leaders, teams and businesses.​

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